How to convert your Windows Server 2008...
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Installing Sun Java VM

Windows Server 2008 ships without Microsoft Java VM, and Microsoft no longer hosts the necessary Java VM files. There are plenty of other places where you can obtain the MS Java VM, but I have not chosen to install it because:

  1. It will no longer be updated to patch any forthcoming security exploits.
  2. Many of the various download locations for MS Java VM differ in size, how would you know exactly which one to get?

If you do want the MS Java VM, then click here, download and install it, and then proceed onto the next section - Disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker.

Decided to get Sun's Java? Read on...

Grab a copy of Sun's Java VM from Sun's download page: Click Here.

The installation process is easy, and it won't require a reboot either. Now lets move on to disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker, allowing us to reboot without the bloody nuisance of an event tracker window!

Page 8 - Disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker

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