How to convert your Windows Server 2008...
to a Workstation!

Disabling the Shutdown Event Tracker

Because Windows Server 2008 is a 'Server', the event tracker plays a crucial role so that it can keep logs on why the server was shutdown/rebooted. Since we want it to be a Workstation, we will easily attempt to disable this feature. Again, its so damn simple :-)


We will need to go into Group Policy Object Editor, go to Start -> Run -> and type gpedit.msc followed by enter.


You should see the Group Policy Editor as shown on the left. Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> now look in the right window pane and double click on Display Shutdown Event Tracker.


This window will now appear, simply select Disabled and then proceed to click on OK. Now close the Group Policy Object Editor window. Shutdown Event Tracker is now disabled.

Now that you have IE ready for Internet browsing, and disabled the Shutdown Event Tracker, now's a good time to start downloading and installing all those drivers!

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